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Our History


In July 1992, a small group of dedicated individuals saw and acted upon an unmet need in our community: to help control feline overpopulation throu​gh spaying and neutering. Our initial goal was to rescue, test for feline leukemia and feline immune deficiency virus, vaccinate, spay or neuter, and then return the cats to their original location. They would subsequently be fed and monitored on a daily basis. We expected that most of the cats would be wild. Instead we found many who behaved as though they had been someone's companion animal. Now they were often terrified, defensive and in poor health. We believed that given the proper nurturing, these cats could certainly once again become loving companions. The next logical step was to open a place for these felines in need.  


On April 18, 1993 a small "haven" was opened in a rented building in Guilford, CT.  During that same year, The Hope Alliance for Animals, Inc., received official non-profit status by the IRS, thus making all contributions tax deductible.  During the next 6 years, we rescued and adopted out many cats to loving, caring individuals and families.  


In April 1999, we moved to our previous location in New Haven, CT.  Shortly thereafter, we became painfully aware that there were many special needs cats that were being euthanized by other organizations, rescues, and municipal shelters because they did not have the resources to provide the extra care they needed.  These special needs "orphans" required a place to live where they could receive individualized care on a daily basis and be treated with compassion and respect.  At The Hope Alliance, they are truly loved and accepted just the way they are.  Their special needs, whether physical, emotional or both, just make them "Extra Special"!  They receive long-term lifetime care.


In July 2014, we moved to our new home in Killingworth, CT.  The town is absolutely wonderful!  Being in the country has lots of advantages, such as the fur kids being able to see lots of wildlife while being safely indoors!  Our hope is that within the next year, we will be able to add on a sun room, so they have even more places to enjoy the sunlight and all the smells and sounds of "the country atmosphere!"

Meet Our Wonderful Veterinarians

Each of our residents see Dr. Efren Osorio and Dr. Amy Almo at their office in North Branford, CT.   Without their endless patience and expert knowledge we would be lost!  We are truly blessed to have them in our lives!  They have been our veterinary provider since our inception! The Veterinarians and their staff provide exceptional care with the utmost compassion. The combined knowledge of both veterinarians is extraordinary. It is very rare that any one of our furbabies needs simple routine care. Most of the time our cases are complex, sometimes puzzling, sometimes heartbreaking. They spend as much time that is necessary each and every visit! They get to know each individual cat and adjust the treatment to their particular situation and health requirements, both physical and emotional. This is vital especially since many of our furbabies are survivors of physical and/or emotional abuse.

They do also offer us a generous discount on their services, which we greatly appreciate. However it is still costly. The average initial expenses for a new cat coming into our sanctuary, range between $300.00 to $400.00. This does not include any X-rays or other diagnostic treatments and tests which may be required. 

Visit Veterinary Associates of North Branford

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