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An Opal Represents:

The color of happiness, the embracing of sincerity and joy. Opal is a precious gem​.


I was led to you by someone up above who knew our bond would be never-ending.

Human indifference and cruelty brought fate upon you that you did not deserve, my cherished one.

You handled it all so well, with humility and determination that is rarely ever seen.

There are no words that can describe what you gave to me.

You returned to me a piece of my life that I thought was lost so very long ago.

You will always be my precious one. You live on... inside of me every day.

The number of lives you touched is immeasurable.

The unselfish love you gave will be remembered by everyone for all eternity.


This website is dedicated to Opal.

Born on this earth in 1999. Gone to Heaven in 2000.

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